Registration Open for the CRS Community Summit on July 4

The organisation of the CRS community summit at the OWASP AppSecEU conference is coming along nicely.

Remember, we are going to meet in London on Wednesday, July 4 at 4pm, to talk about CRS, and about the way our users, our integrators and their users work with CRS. The program will include information about CRS 3.1, a recent proposal for a rule meta language above CRS (to give the rule set a wider audience) and the most important thing: Time to meet and talk to fellow users!

We have confirmed participants from AviNetworks, cPanel, Microsoft, NGINX, Trustwave, Verizon and most of the core CRS developers will be there. Yes, this is also the place where the project is going to meet in person for the first time! Expect very happy faces.

The summit is meant to last from 4pm to 8pm. Afterwards everybody is invited for a networking dinner or maybe more of a standing party (have not made up our minds yet). However, we are very happy to announce that cPanel is sponsoring this for us! Huzahh!

The registration is now open. Please subscribe here.

Please notice: You do not need have a ticket for the OWASP AppSecEU conference to participate at this meeting. We invite you to join AppSecEU with us the days after our small summit. But you are free to walk into AppSecEU to attend this gathering free of charge.

We will meet in central London at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre (QEII) in the room named “Rutherford”. If there should be any problem getting there and joining us, then you can dial +1-585-201-8080 for local help at the location.

If you think you have a contribution to the program, if you have any questions, or whatever, then please get in touch with me directly. Either via mail at my netnea address or via twitter at @ChrFolini (messages are open).
[EDIT] Updated room from Keats to Rutherford.

Looking forward to meet you all!


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Christian Folini / [@ChrFolini]