CRS Community Summit next week: Call for Posters and the Program is Ready

The very first meetup of the CRS community is only one week away now and it’s time to announce our program. As stated here on the blog before, this is meant as an opportunity to build ties, to get inspiration from the community and to understand what people are doing with CRS. So there are going to be talks, but there is a lot of room for talking and discussion.

So we are going to do a networking / poster session that lives on your contributions. You are invited to bring along a poster, put it up on the wall in our room and we will give you time to present it to our audience. We are interested in use cases, success stories or unique approaches to integrating CRS3. Also ideas and pitches for new projects within our community are welcome. Standard flipchart format. Please be aware you should bring it along in physical form: we can’t print it on site. But we will have tape available for you.

And here is our preliminary program. It will probably change up to the last moment, so read with some caution:

You can register for our session as part of the standard OWASP AppSec EU registration, or if you are not attending the conference, you can head over to and subscribe for the session directly on OWASP told us we are close to 30 attendees now. So the seat limit is kicking in. I suggest you really register and make sure you will get access to our meeting.

We will meet in central London at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre (QEII) in the room named Rutherford on the 4th floor at 4pm on July 4. If there should be any problem getting there and joining us, then you can dial +1-585-201-8080 for local help at the location.

[EDIT] Updated room from Keats to Rutherford.

See you there,


P.S. If there are are any questions, then write to christian dot folini at owasp dot org.

Christian Folini / [@ChrFolini]