CRS Project News November 2018

The plan is to do this newsletter every month, but it's already November. The reason is the pending 3.1 release, so I waited for the release to happen and then it did not and suddenly October was over. But now we have a 3.1-RC2 and a strong belief that 3.1 will come out for good on Sunday November 24.

What has happened in recent weeks

Significant pull requests that were merged

Things that are meant to happen in the coming weeks

  • We plan to release CRS 3.1 on Sunday November 24.
  • There are going to be two separate one-day ModSecurity / CRS courses for ISPs / Hosters focusing on CMS. Christian Folini and David Jardin from SIWECOS will teach both courses on invitation by SWITCH.
    The first course will be on December 5 in Bern, Switzerland and the second course will be on December 6 in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • CRS developer Franziska Bühler is working on her docker container. She is adding CLI support for all the CRS variables during "docker create". This means you will be able to create and configure a CRS WAF container on the fly with a one-liner. This is meant to be merged into the official CRS docker container eventually.
  • The next Monthly Community Chat will be held on December 3, 2018, at 20:30 CET in the #coreruleset channel in the OWASP Slack. A link to a slack invite can be found in the agenda linked below. Please use this agenda issue on github to schedule topics for discussion.
  • CRS developer Felipe Zipitria has volunteered to come up with a proposal to have CRS swag produced via an online print-on-demand shop. Desired items include posters, stickers, buttons, T-Shirts, ideally the full program.

Important pull requests in the queue

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