CRS version 4.1.0 released

Last week, we have released CRS v4.1.0. The new release is the first according to the new monthly release schedule and brings a couple of new features and fixes. It includes quality improvements via better rule linting and fixes for false positives across a handful of rules. And: new developer Esad Cetiner has joined the team intime for the 4.1 release. Read the changelog here.

Let CRS 4 be your valentine!

What a Valentine’s Day present we have got for you: today, the Core Rule Set project is releasing CRS 4! Finally, you may say – and would be absolutely right: it took us a long time to get there. But we wanted to do it right, especially after the bug bounty program we took part in left us with over 500 individual findings in roughly 180 reports. Fixing all these needed more time than we originally thought.

Microsoft Supports CRS as Gold sponsor

The OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set project is very happy to announce Microsoft as new GOLD sponsor. There have been sporadic contacts with the Azure WAF engineering team for several years and we are now taking the next step. Microsoft and OWASP CRS are establishing a formalized partnership in the form of a sponsoring agreement. There is never a lack of ideas in a florishing open source project like ours. But as a lot of open source projects, we lack the user perspective to a wide extent.

CRS names Felipe Zipitría as third Co-Lead

The OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set project is very happy to announce Felipe Zipitría as a new and third Co-Leader. Felipe joins Walter Hop and Christian Folini in his new role. Felipe Zipitría holds a master of computer science from the University of the Republic in Montevideo, Uruguay. He worked as a system administrator for the faculty of engineering for several years and also lectures on security at the University.

CRS Project News January 2020

It’s been a while since the last CRS project news. It’s not because there was nothing to report. It’s more like too much going on and no time to sit back and write it all down. Here are the most important things that happened since the last edition: ModSecurity 3.0.4 has been released for NGINX. This is a security release covering a problem our project members @airween and @theMiddle have discovered.

CRS Project News August 2019

Life is interfering and the rhythm of the CRS news is not what I would like it to be. Three months since the last edition. But the advantage is of course, that there are more news to talk about once I get to write it all up. What has happened in recent weeks The OWASP Honeypot project that is based on CRS is running a Google Summer of Code project, that aims for an up do date containerization of the honeypot.

CRS Project News May 2019

We are back with the CRS project news. There was not too much to talk about in recent weeks, but now there is real content. So here we go. What has happened in recent weeks Security researcher Somdev Sangwan has looked into Regular Expression Denial of Service attacks. It is a more or less well known fact, that CRS suffers from this problem. Usually, it is no big deal as ModSecurity 2 used to protect from

CRS Project News January 2019

We are back with the CRS project news. We’re attending the Cloudfest Hackathon in March in Germany and we have plans for another CRS Community Summit at the new OWASP AppSec Global conference in Tel Aviv at the end of May (formerly OWASP AppSecEU). What has happened in recent weeks We have reached 1500 stars on GitHub and adding more every day in a nice exponential curve. This makes us one of the most popular OWASP projects on GitHub.

CRS Project News December 2018

I hope everybody has a few calm days to finish the year. CRS is finishing the year enjoying the 3.1 release and an adjustment to the PHP rules that closes a nasty hole in the detection. What has happened in recent weeks CRS 3.1 has been released bringing new rules to detect Java injections and an easier way to deal with paranoia levels. More changes in the announcement. Link: CRS Co-Lead Christian Folini taught two CRS crash courses together with David Jardin from Siwecos in Bern and Zurich, Switzerland.

CRS Project News November 2018

The plan is to do this newsletter every month, but it’s already November. The reason is the pending 3.1 release, so I waited for the release to happen and then it did not and suddenly October was over. But now we have a 3.1-RC2 and a strong belief that 3.1 will come out for good on Sunday November 24. What has happened in recent weeks CRS 3.1 RC2 has been released.

CRS Project News September 2018

We skipped the monthly news in August as the 3.1-RC release had been delayed into September. But here we go again with the mostly monthly newsletter of the CRS project. The most important news is the publication of the release candidate 1 for CRS 3.1. What has happened in recent weeks CRS 3.1 RC1 has been released. The most important changes: Protections against common Java attacks Support for blocking in one paranoia level while logging in a higher level.

CRS Project News July 2018

We are launching the monthly news anew. The idea is to look beyond the pure CRS development again and to bring you additional information that touch on our project. As the editor, I (-> Christian Folini) am planning to release this in the first half of the month. This did not work in July, though, but I have a very cute excuse: She’s called Giovanna and she is only a couple of days old.

CRS Project News September 2017

This is the CRS newsletter covering the period from mid August until today. What has happened during the last few weeks: We held our community chat last Monday. Chaim was high in the air so we were only six of us, but Manuel was back so I get the feeling we are slowly growing the project. The big project administration and governance discussions seem to be over for the moment. So we spent a lot of time talking about development, possible roadblocks and code policies.