Developer Portrait

Meet the CRS team: Jozef, the cat loving father from Slovakia

Programming and entrepreneurship run in Jozef Sudolsky’s family. When he’s not working for his own web hosting company or for the CRS project, you can find him working out at the gym or in his large garden - or just playing with his daughter. His office is at the same time his daughter’s playroom. His own company, his daughter, four cats, a house, a large garden, and the CRS project keep him busy: Jozef Sudolsky aka azurit

Meet the CRS team: Felipe, the team player on the other side of the Atlantic

As a South American, Felipe Zipitría has a special status in the CRS core team. The sociable Uruguayan played basketball which taught him all about the value of teamwork. Automation and standardization are key issues for Felipe in the CRS project. “The CRS project offers exciting problems that can make any techie happy”, he says. Our man in South America: Felipe Zipitría enjoys the views of Budpest at the CRS Developer Retreat 2023

Meet the CRS team: Andrew, the technical writer who loves Eurovision and Doom II

When invited to join the Core Rule Set project, Andrew Howe felt a bit intimidated by the highly talented team at first. Today he is a valued member of the CRS core team, bringing his experience as a technical writer and a CRS integrator. “Having people onboard with experience of running CRS at a large-scale would be very useful,” he says. What else he said, you can read in this interview.

Meet the CRS team: Fränzi, the puzzle-loving hard worker with a mission

Franziska Bühler doesn’t feel too comfortable in the limelight. The CISO of a Swiss mid-sized IT company rather likes to work through lists of hundreds of bypasses than being at the forefront. Talking to her, it gets clear quickly: Fränzi loves a challenge. “Once I set my mind to something, I follow through,” she says. She was always fascinated by great heights: Franziska Bühler aka Fränzi on top of the Milan cathedral

Meet the CRS team: Ervin, the gardening radio amateur in the background

Astronaut? Garbage truck driver? Electrical engineer? Metalsmith? In the end, Hungarian Ervin Hegedüs became a software developer. Within the Core Rule Set project, he contributes primarily to tool development and packaging. “New team members should above all be team players,” says Ervin. A man of many talents and names: Ervin Hegedüs aka AirWeen aka HA2OS Ervin Hegedüs has had no shortage of interesting career ideas in his 51-year life. While the usual childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut or a garbage truck driver vanished as he grew older, Ervin still today sometimes wonders what would have become of him if he hadn’t found his way to IT.

Meet the CRS team: Andrea, the musical man-in-the-middle

He likes to play board games and the guitar, and he loves to fix bypasses to CRS rules: Italian Andrea Menin joined the Core Rule Set team in 2018. The most important requirement for anybody joining the project, he says, is to enjoy it. Andrea Menin with the famous DeLorean: “*Back to the Future *sparked a love of technology and music in me“ He never wanted to be a locomotive engineer or an astronaut, but Andrea Menin (born in 1983) actually had an alternative to being a developer and IT crack: “After school, I either wanted to do something with computers or become a musician.