Registration for the OWASP CRS Community Summit 2024 - Lisbon, June 26

We had previously announced the date and the location of our 2024 community summit. But it’s about time to start the formal registration so we can finalize our planning.

We’re meeting in the on Wednesday June 26 at the Hyatt Regency for the 2024 CRS Community Summit. This is right next to the Lisbon Conference Center where the OWASP AppSec conference is happening Thursday and Friday.


We will start at 09:30 local time in the room Alfama III with coffee and then talks and workshops from 10:00.

The program is still in the making, but we have the following talks fixed.

Of course, there will be enough time to meet the team, integrators and fellow users.

We still have room for additional talks. If you are interested to present yourself, then please get in touch.

Please check here for an updated program.

Attendance is free.

Please notice that our summit is co-hosted with the OWASP Global AppSec Europe conference next door June 27 and 28. We encourage you to register for the OWASP conference too. A registration for the CRS Community Summit does not give you access to the OWASP AppSec conference

The CRS Community Summit presents an opportunity to build ties, to get inspiration from the community and to understand what people are doing with CRS. We invite the whole CRS community, developers, integrators and users.

If you have further questions don’t be afraid to contact us.

We are looking very much forward to seeing you all in Lisbon.


Christian Folini for the CRS team

Christian Folini / [@ChrFolini]